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Dr. Guk has been in the dental field since 1994. She started her career as a dental assistant and later on completed her dental hygiene degree. She received her bachelors from Pennsylvania College of Technology, her masters degree in biology at St. Joseph College in Connecticut and then graduated from University of Maryland Dental School. After graduating, she completed her fellowship in implantology. Dr. Guk enjoys spending time with her family, playing piano, culinary arts, and conducting a small band. Dr. Guk is the Dental Director of Hope Within Ministries.

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Dr. Guk is certified in hard and soft tissue laser technology. The best in the class Solea® laser is used extensively at the office. Dr. Guk performs numerous procedures using this laser, such as cavity preparations without local anesthesia, frenectomies for tongue tie cases, surgical removal of bone, surgical extractions, tightening of tissues to eliminate snoring, oral ulcer treatment, gum depigmentation, and much more.

Dr. Guk is a Fellow in the International Congress of Implantology. She uses 3D technology to plan implant placement with precision. This is accomplished by using 3D imaging, digital scan of teeth and jaws and 3D printing of surgical guides in the office. Implants closely resemble the patient's natural dentition and thus are a good alternative to replace missing teeth. Utilization of cutting edge technology allows for fast and precise placement of dental implants.

Dr. Guk is certified in myofunctional therapy. The goal of such therapy is to help create “pretty faces without braces.” Growth of bone and teeth position is dictated by the function of oral musculature, such as tongue and cheeks. With correct position and balance between these muscles it is less likely to have crowded teeth or underdeveloped jaws. In addition, myofunctional therapy allows for proper development of the patient’s airway. In children airway development is extremely important as obstruction or resistance in the airway can be associated with such medical conditions as ADHD, bed wetting, lack of focus, teeth grinding, acid reflux and others.

Dr. Guk places a big focus on non-surgical as well surgical periodontal therapy. The use of the Solea® laser allows her to perform periodontal surgeries for tissue regeneration and healing. She also employs PRF (platelet rich fibrin) therapy. PRF tissue is obtained from the patient’s own blood. This therapy facilitates regeneration of soft and hard tissue with outstanding results. In addition, Dr. Guk utilizes GLO technology, which relies on the healing effects of photobiomodulation, and the ECO balance toothpaste. When accompanied by good oral hygiene, this treatment protocol has proven to be the most effective tool in periodontal disease treatment for many patients.

Community Outreach

Dr. Guk is the Dental Director of Hope Within Ministries, a local non-profit organization. Hope Within was co-founded in 2002 by Brian & Donita Sturgis with the dream of providing primary health care to the uninsured low-income residents of Lancaster, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties. Through the grace and goodness of God, Hope Within shares His love by offering excellent and free primary medical, low-cost sliding scale counseling, and donation-based dental care via the hands of more than twenty volunteers medical, dental providers, therapists, and nurses.